July 27, 2016

IT launches new online tool to convert unmanaged devices and networks

Tools provide quick and easy way for faculty and staff to confirm status of their PC and Mac and maintain network access

A new information technologies (IT) operating standard and practice is now in place to properly manage all devices accessing the university’s protected network areas. This change is in response to the May 28 ransomware attack that impacted university systems.

During post-attack monitoring, it became evident that the university required immediate actions to address identified system vulnerabilities introduced by unmanaged devices to enhance protections for people, the university’s data and IT infrastructure.

These changes were announced at the June 24 Campus Town Hall.

Individuals with a managed device located in the managed network space should experience minimal impact from the changes. Individuals with unmanaged devices, including Mac desktops and laptops, or those who operate a device on an unmanaged network, will be impacted. As changes are implemented, some IT services, such as file servers within the managed zone and network printers, will not be accessible to any device or network that remains unmanaged.

Check whether your device or network is managed or unmanaged 

Faculty or staff who are unsure whether their device is managed or unmanaged are encouraged to use the new online tool available on the IT website. Click on the ‘Is my computer managed?’ button and follow the procedure for either PC or Mac. This two-step process should only take a few minutes — first confirming network and then computer status.

IT has targeted conversion from unmanaged to managed devices within 10 business days from the date of request. The first step is to convert the device from unmanaged to managed regardless of whether it is a PC or Mac. Once that process is complete, Network Services will contact those individuals who reside on unmanaged networks and coordinate moving them to the managed network.

As IT does not have full visibility of all devices across the university, users may experience disruptions when unmanaged devices attempt to access a managed area, or when managed devices attempt to access an unmanaged area.

The following services are not impacted by these changes:

  • Webmail (both Office 365 and Cyrus)
  • D2L
  • PeopleSoft web portal (via my.ucalgary.ca)
  • ucalgary.ca
  • Other public university web-enabled services

As IT continues to utilize enhanced security tools, some internet services may be blocked due to potentially malicious network traffic.

Updates will continue to be posted on the IT website. If you have questions, please contact the IT Support Centre at 403-220-5555 or itsupport@ucalgary.ca.