March 31, 2017

New policy makes it easier to manage and protect university's information assets

Information Asset Management Policy replaces existing policies to create stronger framework

As a leading research university, the body of knowledge contained in our organization is incredible and comprises information vital to our success as an institution. As you can imagine, managing and protecting these information assets effectively is critical to ensure that the university is able to fulfill its objectives.

In order to best identify what information exists, where it is, and how to protect it, the university has updated the way it governs our information assets. The Information Asset Management Policy will take effect on April 1, 2017 and will replace a number of existing policies that you may refer to in your work on campus.

  • Information Asset Management Policy (2007)
  • Information Management Compliance Program Policy (2007)
  • Information Asset Identification and Classification Policy (2007)
  • Information Asset Protection Policy (2007)
  • Records Retention and Disposition Policy (2006)
  • Information Asset Security Monitoring Policy (2007)

The new Information Asset Management Policy replaces these six policies, clarifying roles and responsibilities for faculty and staff. It also updates the terminology so that it is in line with current terms and information systems. Importantly, the policy mandates the establishment of a new committee that has the authority to establish standards and best practices for the management and protection of information assets.

"This new policy is an important reference for how we manage our information assets. The creation of the Information Asset Management Committee is integral in establishing and reviewing standards and best practices, creating training programs, identifying legal and other requirements and collaborating across units to ensure that our information is protected and maintained for the future," says Karen Jackson, general counsel of the university.

While this policy sets out how the university manages and protects its information assets, worry not — this policy does not impact the intellectual property rights of academic staff, appointees or postdoctoral scholars, which are protected in the Intellectual Property Policy.

All members of the campus community are encouraged to read the new Information Asset Management Policy. If you have questions about how it might impact your work, please contact