March 15, 2024

UCalgary’s Molly Chisholm honoured among Canada’s top women in safety

Awards celebrate contributions to Occupational Health and Safety workplace standards
Molly Chisholm
Marnie Jazwicki, for UCalgary Continuing Education

Molly Chisholm, a specialist in environment, health and safety systems and compliance at UCalgary, has been recognized with a spot in the annual Top Women in Safety list, presented by Canadian Occupational Safety. The announcement, made on March 8, 2024 in honour of International Women's Day, emphasizes the pivotal role of women in shaping workplace standards and safety practices.

“To be considered an industry leader and worthy recipient alongside such an outstanding list of safety professionals is incredible,’ says Chisholm. “And to be identified as a female leader in a profession which historically has been typically seen as male dominated, is empowering.”

Chisholm has been an integral part of UCalgary’s Environment, Health and Safety team since 2015. She has built strong relationships across the campus community, earning a reputation as a go-to resource for all matters related to occupational health and safety. Over the last two years, Chisholm spearheaded the development and implementation of a new Field Safety Standard, and led the project team behind the new UCSafety mobile app and the revised Working Alone Standard.

“UCalgary is committed to foster a safe and healthy work environment for all,” says Mark Davies, director environment, health and safety. “Chisholm's recognition as one of the Top Women in Safety celebrates her dedication to promoting safety within the university and commitment to sharing her experience beyond. Her work shows her ongoing dedication to taking proactive measures to manage risks and enhance safety.”

Top Women in Safety celebrates female leaders who have demonstrated exceptional dedication and innovation in advancing occupational health and safety practices across Canada. This year's selection highlights individuals who have not only excelled in their respective roles but have also demonstrated a commitment to continuous learning and creating a culture of caring.

“Women are becoming better recognized for the skills and innovations they bring to the safety industry,” says Chisholm. “The safety industry really celebrates mentorship at all levels, and overall, I think it has become much more diverse, as demonstrated with the expanded parameters of what is included in 'health and safety,' and in who provides the support and guidance needed for companies to have a strong safety culture.”

Her recognition in occupational health and safety exemplifies the university's commitment to fostering a culture of excellence and innovation among its staff, paving the way for a safer and more inclusive work environment.

“Working for a company that fully supports and encourages mentorship and development through informal leadership opportunities has been amazing for me,” says Chisholm. 

“It is due to the amazing leaders and mentors I have met here, throughout my career, that I have received the Top Women in Safety Award. In the words of one of my colleagues and mentors, ‘Together we shine’ — we don’t get here by ourselves — it is a team effort. I am blessed to have the support and encouragement from an amazing team.”

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